SCARI : Sullivan’s Cove Augmented Reality Interface

A brief overview of our proposed (but under development) Sullivan’s Cove Augmented Reality Interface. This is one outcome of our Geeks-in-Residence program with the Salamanca Arts Centre and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. It will be tied-in to the development of the National Broadband Network, as it is potentially reliant upon high-bandwidth networking (both wired and wireless), both for delivery of datatypes and scalability of user-interaction to many mobile devices.

At this stage the outline is ambitious, but we anticipate getting a pilot together in the next few months.

Also inspired by the work of:

Paul Bourke, iVEC @ UWA –

Ferhat Sen, Media Lab Helsinki –

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  1. Paul Bourke says:

    Photographically … there is also potentially security camera footage.

    For a good example of “Real Time Natural Expression and Movement in a Virtual World” see

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