The Ice Museum – Previsualization (2011)

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3 Responses

  1. Margaret Lindsay says:

    Magnificent! I almost feel I have been there!

  2. Cheeky Luddite says:

    So, the tech stuff is sorted (very clever) and it looks fab. However, I have a simple question: What about the story? Did I miss that bit? or will that come later? I’m keen to know more/anything about the starting point for your ‘intellectual origins’ of Antarctic Science. Will the story equal the technology in its magnitude? I hope so. CL.

  3. pemo says:

    Thanks! The story is work-in-progress that I anticipate will unfold over the next 6 months of scriptwriting – it’s quite complicated to draw together sufficient biographical detail to animate the characters, whilst giving insight to the scientific work accomplished and the consequences of that. All-in-all a balancing act that will take some time to achieve – but it is the ultimate objective.

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