The Ice Museum – Previsualization (2011)

A brief (4min 30sec) previsualization of some sequences for my forthcoming fulldome feature ‘The Ice Museum’ (2012) – a documentary about the intellectual origins of Antarctic science and the people who made it possible. (This project is currently on hold.)

The circular fisheye fulldome sources (down-sampled 2k resolution) have been reprojected onto a synthetic dome using a 3d modelling package, to impart a sense of how they will appear to a viewer in a dome environment. This is perhaps one of the hardest aspects to transmit to a viewer unfamiliar with the characteristics of fulldome projection.

What we witness is a degree of perspective correction that approximates the image rectification seen by an audience within a dome – such that very curved lines (eg. horizons) become straightened in the immersive environment. Image tilt will also be rectified.

Some degree of curvature is still seen in this simulation as very little image processing has occurred.

Furthermore, as the raw unprocessed image files have been used, there are occasional ‘jumps’ in the material due to the imperfections of our alpha-stage ‘Hurley Dolly’ timelapse motion-control system. Interframe flicker will be rectified using histogram matching and colour-grading. All these visual artefacts will be entirely eliminated in the final production.

Needless to say, the final fulldome feature will enable the viewer to look around the 360º fulldome environment, rather than it exhibiting the rectangular frame constraints you see here. This version is for demonstration purposes only.

The soundtrack was made using Soundtrack Pro and is not representative of the finished score and soundtrack.

The material was shot at Mawson’s Huts, Cape Denison, Antarctica in 2010 by Peter Morse, with assistance from Chris Henderson and Tony Stewart.

Many thanks to the Mawson’s Huts Foundation and Screen Tasmania for their support.

© Peter Morse 2011

If you wish to display or incorporate parts of this video in a presentation please use my contact form at – I generally give permission as long as it is appropriately acknowledged. A small financial contribution would be appreciated.

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