Ice Museum – Shooting Fulldome in Antarctica

A slightly humorous test (but it’s all true!) using the new iMovie Trailer feature to, well, create a trailer for the making-of documentary about ‘The Ice Museum’ – my in-progress fulldome feature.

The serious overview explaining some of the ideas behind it all can be seen here: The Ice Museum Explained.

The fulldome feature is serious business, scheduled for 2012 – a lot of work. I plan to release a version vision-rectified for 16:9 on 1080P suitable for HDTV broadcast, Blu-ray and DVD (so, yes, the POV will be selective and reduced from 4k fulldome), as well as a 3D stereoscopic version – which will vary slightly in content due to the systems/approaches used. The idea here is that these off-shoots could cross-subsidize each other.

Nevertheless, this trailerizing has been good fun.

I should note – there is a lot of back story here. You don’t suddenly turn up in Antarctica and shoot fulldome movies. It’s really a lot of very interesting work – with interesting people and difficult obstacles to overcome. This making-of doco is about all that stuff. It could easily be a mini-series – and be substantially less boring than ‘Reality TV’. In fact, I think of Errol Morris – an inspiration.

So: a big thanks to Chris Henderson (inventor extra-ordinaire), Tony Stewart and David Jensen, Rob Easther and too many colleagues to mention: you know who you are.

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