Author: Peter Morse


Snowlit Morning

I awoke one morning to freshly fallen snow, all sounds softened, the orange lights hazing through the blue.


Banff Centre: 2011 Adventure Filmmakers’ Workshop

I arrived at the Banff Centre for the 2011 Adventure Fimmakers’ Workshop a couple of nights ago – after a very long flight from Hobart, Tasmania. As I was travelling with Qantas, I guess I was pretty lucky to get away just before the entire airline closed down – but...


Experiments in Astrocinematography

R&D in astrocinematography of the the southern skies, using various motion-control camera systems we’ve developed. Environmental cinematography (landscape, skyscape, seascape, celestial) and immersive imaging in remote (and often difficult) places creates specific challenges in developing hardware and software platforms to capture and create immersive content – that can be reprocessed...


Syn[a]+ : Project Outline

Syn[a] is a group of creative people (artists/inventors/engineers/scientists) developing and experimenting with systems to visualize and sonify the biometric data of an orchestral performance over ultra-high-bandwidth networks. We have lots of experience, lots of ideas and will make new things. Needless to say, this page is in progress. See: here...


Visualizing Pausiris @ MONA

Visualization of a 2000-year-old Egyptian Mummy – Peter Morse & Paul Bourke We first started working upon the idea of visualizing one of the Egyptian Mummies from the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA, Tasmania) collection in 2007, when I was approached by the exhibition designer for MONA, Adrian...

Fulldome HDR Timelapse Experiment (2010)

Shot at Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania, Australia. Basically a test of our self-designed-and-built motion-contolled (moco) camera tracking system, using a Canon 5D MkII, with custom intervalometer. This is genuine HDR using triple exposure (-2,0,2 f-stops) aperture-controlled with moco synchronisation. No fHDR or tone-mapping from LDR here. This was done...


SCARI – Kinect – Unity3D – OSX- Skeleton Tracking

A couple of experiments as I figure out how to get SCARI working. Basically, this involved getting the brilliant Kinect Unity3D OpenNI wrapper demo by Amir working on my Mac Pro. It was very straight-forward, following his instructions (thanks Amir!) – just need OpenNI+NITE (simple-openni for OSX is here), along...


SCARI : Sullivan’s Cove Augmented Reality Interface

A brief overview of our proposed (but under development) Sullivan’s Cove Augmented Reality Interface. This is one outcome of our Geeks-in-Residence program with the Salamanca Arts Centre and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. It will be tied-in to the development of the National Broadband Network, as it is potentially reliant upon...