Author: Peter Morse



CLAVIER À LUMIÈRES was a project undertaken with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra in 2012. A performance event was held at MONA on 3-4 November 2010 – details and documentation below. Clavier à lumières – keyboard with lights, invented by Russian synaesthetic composer Alexander Scriabin. Syn[a] is a group of artist-technologists...


Melbourne Clouds

An experiment in timelapse from 2005. Clouds shot through my apartment window in Melbourne, Australia. The footage has been digitally reprocessed in HD. The audio was improvised using Logic Express.


Force 11

More indoor fun and weather surprises today. We were given 1hrs notice of impending pickup, resulting in the (now) usual mad rush to pack everything in preparation to rapidly leave – but again the weather closed in. I am very glad not to be flying off in a helicopter in...


Q&A – Peter Morse, computer visualisation

      Dr. Peter Morse speaks to Pauline Askin about his role as visualisation specialist on the Mawson’s Huts Foundation Expedition 2009/10. Peter runs a visualisation consultancy in Hobart, Tasmania – working upon visualisations of scientific data, museum applications, fulldome and stereoscopic content for a range of national and...


Fulldome & Virtual Cameras in Mawson’s Huts

People often find screen resolution difficult to understand. I recall my former life as a university lecturer seeing the blank stares of arts students as they tried to grapple with something vaguely mathematical in nature – so hopefully I can explain it a bit better these days! Simply put, we think...


Frank Hurley’s Darkroom and Interesting Poisons in Early C20th Photography

Here is an example of a Paget Screen (the underpinning colour grid that enabled the reproduction of colour in the Paget Process): Here we see typically soft-focus gentle colour produced in this Paget Process portrait of some of the AAE members whilst en route at Macquarie Island (can any of...


Exciting Times with the Hurley Dolly

Yesterday was the first installation and test of the Hurley Dolley – part of our motion control system for fulldome shooting in Mawson’s Huts. Track systems for cameras and motion control can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but I estimate ours probably cost less than $500. The track system...


LadyBug Adventures at Mawson’s Hut

Yesterday (Thurs 3rd) I manhauled a sled over to the Main Hut (truly in the manner of the early explorers…) carrying the LadyBug camera, a laptop, several other digital cameras, survival kit and so on – it was quite windy, and that makes it surprisingly tough going with a reasonable...


Summer Solstice Party & Name-Our-Rap-Group Competition!!!

To celebrate the summer solstice – that is, the longest day and shortest night (not that it makes any difference here as the sun never sets) – we all got dressed up in our best summer casuals and had a feast! The exotic Cape Denison Burgers whipped up by our Gordon Blue Conseurvatrix Mad...


Jubilee Base Extensions!

Our intrepid builder-architects, Pete McCabe and Jon Tucker, have wrestled with the Beast (the Cobra Rock Drill) and, with amazing rapidity, built the infrastructure for the new Base base – or the Base base extension. The verandah and access to Delaney’s Dunny disappeared for a while, but was resumed by...