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MHF 2009-10 Video Blogs

During the 2009-10 Expedition I shot a series of vlogs capturing some of the main events of the season – admixed with some light polar humour. The vlog was commissioned and sponsored by Telstra International and is available on their website as well as via the MHF vimeo channel. A...


Visualising GEBCO: A new way of seeing the global oceans (2009)

A short overview of work-in-progress visualising the GEBCO dataset (General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans) The visualisation involved developing a derived dataset from GEBCO in reference to WGS’84, where we have effectively ‘removed’ the entire Earth – all the continents, islands and geology above and below sea level. What remains...

Home of the Blizzard

Updated version 2019 here. Note: Anaglyphic stereo requires red-blue 3D glasses to view. NB. For the simple reason that red=right is a good mnemonic, I authored this in anaglyphic with red on the right, cyan left. Apparently, this is not the convention (I rarely use anaglyphic as it is generally...

Pharos 0


I have been fascinated by Lighthouses for many years and have decided to do something about it. This project will develop a fulldome HDR timelapse documentary about Tasmania’s lighthouses. There are many of them in some of the most remarkable, picturesque and remote parts of the island – as well...

Life Under The Ice – Understanding the Ice Oceans 0

Life Under The Ice – Understanding the Ice Oceans

CAML / ArcOD Video: Promotional science video and data visualisation


Voyage of the Vasiliy Golovnin Ep.5

Episode 5. January 22 2006. 10th day at sea. The Vasiliy Golovnin is almost brought to a standstill in the pack ice – which extends in all directions – the most magnificent vista. Penguins, a Leopard Seal, a Wandering Albatross, a romantic sunset. New friendships. Next day we arrive at...


Voyage of the Vasiliy Golovnin Ep.4

Episode 4. January 21 2006. 9th day en route to Casey Station, across the Southern Ocean. The sea calmed more and more, and sleet began to fall, until an eerie stillness settled upon the ocean – and finally upon the horizon – the First Iceberg. A truly thrilling moment. After...


Voyage of the Vasiliy Golovnin Ep.3 (2006)

8th day en route to Casey Station, across the Southern Ocean. The seas had calmed down a lot, after a few wild days. People were up from their bunks and beginning to mingle and getting to know one another. The ship, a kind of mechanical fiction, imperative and changing –...