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Tuesday Morning 0

Tuesday Morning

Apparently it was a Tuesday morning when they woke up and realised the world had ended. She rolled over next to him and asked “can you see anything out the window?” “Ummm..I don’t think so. It’s all white.” She got out of bed and pressed her face to the cold...

Microscope Phakomètre/ Epanaphorascope Phlatergometre 0

Microscope Phakomètre/ Epanaphorascope Phlatergometre

MESH#8/9 Autumn/Winter 1996 ‘Robotica Special Issue’. MESH film/video/multimedia/art is the journal of Experimenta Media Arts Microscope Phakomètre/ Epanaphoroscope Phlatergometre(1) `….A piece many years in doing, and now newly performed by that rare Italian master, Julio Romano; who, had he himself eternity and could put breath into his work, would beguile...