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Receiving DVB-T broadcasts and SDR on MacOS

Update April 2020: the advice provided here is getting a bit old, but may still work with Ubuntu 14.04. For an updated version of MeTV check out the GitHub repository here: https://github.com/Me-TV/Me-TV and latest compiled executables at Bintray here. An interesting exercise would be to compile MeTV into a Docker...


SCARI – Kinect – Unity3D – OSX- Skeleton Tracking

A couple of experiments as I figure out how to get SCARI working. Basically, this involved getting the brilliant Kinect Unity3D OpenNI wrapper demo by Amir working on my Mac Pro. It was very straight-forward, following his instructions (thanks Amir!) – just need OpenNI+NITE (simple-openni for OSX is here), along...