Heritage Visualisation on iPhone

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  1. HI I a Geography teacher and E Learning Leader at RIngwood Secondary College. We have iPads 1:1 at year 7 and 8. I was hoping that by the time our students with iPads got into year 8 (2012) your app would be back on the iTunes store. Do you have time line for its re appearance in the app store. As the app was it was amazing for teaching students about Antarctica and having them learn about the history of Mawson in an interactive way. Is it possible to put up the original MawonsHut app back on the iTunes store for students to download and learn with? (even if it only went up for a limited time in Feb it would be great as there is nothing like it really …..oh and if you do put the app back on could i get a heads up please. Thanks Clare

    • Peter Morse says:

      Hi Clare,

      very glad the app was of use – and thrilled you’ve used it for teaching. We don’t currently have the resources to put it back on the app store as it was very much in a proof-of-concept state and needs more work. However, you can find a version that runs in a web browser here: http://www.petermorse.com.au/vrar/vr/

      I’ll give you a heads up when it’s back in the store, but we have no definite timeframe currently.



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