Research and consultation for digital media, visualisation and exhibition development. This encompasses areas such as platform recommendations, content development, software and hardware sourcing and appraisal.

Digital PhotographyPanoramic Imaging

High Definition Digital Photography. Work can be commissioned suitable for large scale printing and exhibition; specialist in ultra-high resolution panoramic imaging in challenging environments (exteriors and interiors, landscape, architecture, heritage environments.)

Stereoscopic Imaging

High Definition digital stereoscopic imaging. Consultation available on 3D stereoscopic digital still, high-definition stereo video and panoramic immersive 3D environments, production and technology. Production services for 3D stereoscopic content suitable for museums, public screening, web delivery and conference, seminar and tradeshow presentations. 3D production planning, including previsualisation, scripting and audio design and production. Member of the Stereoscopic 3-D Worldwide Professionals Group.

Dome Imaging

Content development and implementation for Dome projection (Digital planetarium and upright dome)

Sound Design and Production

Soundfield design for multichannel surround-sound environments, ambisonics and standard stereo audio. Original music composition and voiceover available.

Other related services:

HD Video

HD & 4K Video production (shooting and editing services)

Web Development

Implementation of Drupal CMS and WordPress Sites; implementation of hosting services.