A not-terribly-up-to-date list of exhibitions and presentations.

More recent documentation can be found here: www.petermorse.net


April 17-18: New Fulldome Work-in-Progress  (details TBA), Australasian Planetarium Society conference, Launceston Planetarium, QVMAG, Launceston, Tasmania.

March 18: “2009-10 MHF Expedition Heritage Visualisation”, Mawson’s Huts Foundation annual seminar, Museum of Australia, Sydney.


November: Visualizing the Global Ocean’ and ‘Frozen In Time’, Fulldome Video Showcase VI, University of Texas, Arlington Planetarium (Spitz and E&S). ASTC Conference 2009.

October: “Envisioning the Sublime: New Representations of the Antarctic in the Information Age” – public lecture, University of Tasmania. Part of the series ‘Antarctica – the Cultural Challenge,’ – the two other speakers were Sir Guy Green and Professor Tom Griffiths (ANU).

April: “Frozen In Time”  presented by the Royal Institution of Australia at the Mawson Collection, South Australian Museum.

March: The Dome Project Symposium (ANAT / Adelaide Film Festival 2009) ; Adelaide Film Festival, Sunday 1st March 11am-12.30pm Bradley Forum, Uni SA. Moderator: Jennie Zeiher Panellists: David Beining (domefest), Monica Zetlin (Melbourne Planetarium), Scott Hessels, Warik Lawrance (Melbourne Planetarium), Amanda Phillips, Peter Morse and Chris Fluke

February: Western Australian Supercomputer Program User’s Group Meeting : Monday 16 February 2009. ‘Using Social Networking to Disseminate Research Results’ – Peter Morse, Research & Consultation for Digital Media, Visualisation and Exhibition Development


August: “Frozen In Time: Mawson’s Huts, Antarctica.” Fulldome digital programme for Horizon – The Planetarium (Scitech, Perth, Western Australia)

October:  Association of Science and Technology Centres (ASTC) Fulldome Video Showcase, Franklin Institute Fels Planetarium, Philadelphia, USA.


“IMAGinING Antarctica,”  John Curtin Gallery, Perth, Western Australia for the Perth International Arts Festival and the International Polar Year. Press release here.

Install shots:


Antarctica Virtua (Voyage of the Golovnin), 2007

A three screen stereoscopic stochastic video installation. HD stereoscopic video material was shot during my 3 month voyage aboard the M.V. Vasiliy Golovnin on an Australian Antarctic Division Arts Fellowship in 2005-6. Video production and Audio design by Peter Morse, software by Paul Bourke.



Interactive Stereoscopic Panoramas (2007)

An interactive installation that allowed viewers to select an image via a mouse on the plinth, which would then to full-screen on the projection screen. Images comprised original black and white glass plates by Frank Hurley (digitally restored 1911-14 AAE) and full 360º stereoscopic cylindrical panoramas taken by Peter Morse. Software by Paul Bourke.



Antarctica Virtua (Large Scale Panoramas), 2007

– Large scale prints of several 360º degree cylindrical panoramas.