(2008/9- continuing)


Funded by the Australia Council for the Arts Synapse Program via the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT)


The project, provisionally entitled “Benthos,” proposes to explore and generate full-dome visualisations of volumetric and multidimensional datasets derived from the AAD oceanographic and marine science programmes. Enormous amounts of data have been generated during the International Polar Year (IPY) during the extensive international Census of Antarctic Marine Life (CAML) and ongoing marine research activities by the Australian Antarctic Division. These may include datasets measuring physical features as bathymetry, ocean currents, temperature gradients, thermo-haline cycles as well as ecological features such as marine biodiversity; benthic and pelagic ecology (deep ocean; continental shelf; shoreline) and so forth. Part of the Synapse proposal involves identification of suitable datasets for volumetric visualisation.

Collaborators: Dr Martin Riddle (AAD); Dr Steve Nicols (AAD); Paul Bourke (WASP). Image: Karen Haines (WASP).


Life Under The Ice – Understanding the Ice Oceans

CAML / ArcOD Video: Promotional science video and data visualisation for Census of Antarctic Marine Life and Arctic Ocean Diversity Project  programs running concurrently until 2010. In concert with the IPY and Census of Marine Life (CoML).

Commissioned by: Professor Michael Stoddard (CAML) ; Dr Victoria Wadley (CAML)

Life Under The Ice: Understanding The Ice Oceans (2009) from Peter Morse on Vimeo.



HD fulldome spherical panoramic photography of stromatolites at Hamlyn Bay and Carbla Station, Shark Bay, Western Australia. Underwater (SCUBA) photography by Assoc. Prof. Karen Haines (WASP).

Commissioned by Horizon – The Planetarium (Scitech, W.A.) and Melbourne Planetarium (Scienceworks, VIC).

MONA Mummy Visualisation (Didactic Mummy Project)

Visualisation Consultancy for installation of a 2500-year-old Egyptian Mummy (using CT scan data)  for the Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart,Tasmania.

Concept & Visualisation: Peter Morse and Paul Bourke.

For: MONA Mummy Reference Group.