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Augmented Reality


SCARI – Kinect – Unity3D – OSX- Skeleton Tracking

A couple of experiments as I figure out how to get SCARI working. Basically, this involved getting the brilliant Kinect Unity3D OpenNI wrapper demo by Amir working on my Mac Pro. It was very straight-forward, following his instructions (thanks Amir!) – just need OpenNI+NITE (simple-openni for OSX is here), along...


SCARI : Sullivan’s Cove Augmented Reality Interface

A brief overview of our proposed (but under development) Sullivan’s Cove Augmented Reality Interface. This is one outcome of our Geeks-in-Residence program with the Salamanca Arts Centre and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. It will be tied-in to the development of the National Broadband Network, as it is potentially reliant upon...



Audio Visual Interactive Augmented Reality (AVIARy) Sonification using Augmented Reality techniques. An overview of the the Ozviz 2004 presentation and system specification can be found here: AVIARy: Morse, Barrass, Barrass, Adcock, Jacob (2004) :  Video: What you see is a stage with four “consumers” sitting around a dinner table (bottom left)....