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Of Ancient Design – UE Short Film Challenge: Production Background

It’s been such a mad rush it’s a bit difficult to recall the exact order of events. Back in July 2020 I entered the Unreal Engine Short Film Challenge Australia. That got me into the free 2 weeks of on-line training delivered by the terrific ANZ Epic Team (Tony, Chris...


Receiving DVB-T broadcasts and SDR on MacOS

Update July 2020: Check out the comments for newer solutions using Xubuntu and Kaffeine app. The advice provided here is getting a bit old, but may still work with Ubuntu 14.04. For an updated version of MeTV check out the GitHub repository here: and latest compiled executables at Bintray...


Real-Time Cosmological Simulation Visualization for VR

I’m very taken by the possibilities of Voluminous – a real-time volumetric visualization system developed by Drew Whitehouse of the ANU NCI Vizlab in 2011 – I’ve used it myself for a few demos for what-is-possible, as it is so exemplary. It’s a kind of web-front end for Drishti. It...


Dawn Walk, Hinsby Beach

It was a kind of sulphurous dawn, with bush fires on the peninsular. Remarkable.  


Astrocinematography Road Trip (2012)

I’ve been commissioned by the Gascoyne Aboriginal Heritage and Cultural Centre of Carnarvon, Western Australia, to produce a fulldome program that illustrates elements of Indigenous Australian astronomy. This will feature visualizations displayed upon a looping program that runs in a walk-in/walk-out 4 metre horizontal dome at the Centre. The exhibition...


Snowlit Morning

I awoke one morning to freshly fallen snow, all sounds softened, the orange lights hazing through the blue.


Banff Centre: 2011 Adventure Filmmakers’ Workshop

I arrived at the Banff Centre for the 2011 Adventure Fimmakers’ Workshop a couple of nights ago – after a very long flight from Hobart, Tasmania. As I was travelling with Qantas, I guess I was pretty lucky to get away just before the entire airline closed down – but...