Peter Rasmussen Innovation Award, Sydney Film Festival (2010)

Peter Rasmussen Innovation Award 2010, 57th Sydney Film Festival from Peter Morse on Vimeo.


The Peter Rasmussen Innovation Award, now in its second year, was awarded to Peter Morse and announced at the closing night of the Sydney Film Festival.

Established by a board of trustees made up of friends and collaborators of the innovative Australian filmmaker Peter Rasmussen who have committed to raise the funds in perpetuity for the purpose of awarding a $5,000 cash prize, the Peter Rasmussen Innovation Award, is given each year at Sydney Film Festival to an Australian whose work in film, machinima or new media embodies a visionary spirit and a relentless determination in the face of obstacles – financial or otherwise – to create high quality works for the screen.The recipient’s work may be described as fringe, maverick, innovative. It may be pushing boundaries in form or mode of production, and may sit outside the usual categories of films shown at the festival.

Peter Morse has over 20 years experience in sophisticated visualisation techniques and content creation.He has in-depth technical skills and production experience in diverse fields such as 3D data visualisation, volumetric rendering, stereoscopic immersive virtual and augmented reality systems and computer programming – as well as video, photographic and film production, audio design and music. He has a wide-ranging creative practice and has exhibited digital media works around Australia and internationally in the USA, Germany, Britain, France, Finland and Holland.

On behalf of The Peter Rasmussen Trustees, Rosemary Blight said “Peter Morse’s work demonstrates an incredibly high level of technical innovation and practice, including leading work in 3D data visualisation. Peter’s works across both sciences and arts opens up ways for compelling narratives to play on all types of screens and in a huge variety of ways. Peter is an exciting artist to be awarded the Peter Rasmussen Fellowship.”

My many thanks to:

Paul Bourke, Director, Western Australian Supercomputer Program

David Jensen and Rob Easther, Mawson’s Huts Foundation

Chris Henderson, Inventor Extraordinaire

Vicki Sowry, Australian Network for Art and Technology

The Australian Antarctic Division Fellowship

and Screen Tasmania

and everyone else who believed in my work – you know who you are.

I am especially grateful to the trustees of the Peter Rasmussen Fellowship and the Sydney Film Festival for their recognition, support and encouragement.

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  1. Margaret Lindsay says:

    Congratulations, Peter!
    Well done!