Ghosts of Antarctica

Ghosts of Antarctica

UHD 4k , Stereo. Duration: 8:10


Ghosts of Antarctica is a reflective short film that brings new life and emotion to the faces of Australian Antarctic scientists and explorers of the Heroic Era in the early Twentieth century. An homage to the remarkable work of pioneering Australian cinematographer, Frank Hurley (1885-1962), Ghosts of Antarctica uses artificial intelligence and deep learning approaches to colorize and animate images from 100-year-old glass-plate photographs and film footage taken by Hurley and others during the 1911-14 Australasian Antarctic Expedition.

Ghosts of Antarctica is experimental documentary cinema, where collaboration and dialogue between the director and the serendipity of semi-autonomous machine learning approaches creates surprising new insights into the humanity of these early pioneers. They are no longer fixed as timeworn black and white images of long-dead half-forgotten heroes, but living, breathing portraits of individuals, replete with the humour, fascination, tragedy and flaws of us all.


Work-in-progress – some notes about the creation of this short film, when I have time.

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