Future Hobarts

As a matter of curiosity (as a visualisation scientist) I’ve been a bit disappointed by what has been publicly presented. So here’s a bunch of impartial satellite data about the city, with building envelopes added. From this it is relatively trivial to model indicative crowds and traffic requirements, as we can source the data. Future projections can be driven by statistical inference or smoke and mirrors (like business plans). Data is/should be public and should be checked.

At the moment I have:

1] Geographical location on the WGS84 Geoid

2] Cesium + Google 3D Satellite Data + 3D Tiles – at ~0.5m resolution

3] Unreal Engine 5.2 rendering – with accurate sunlight simulation.

4] Planning data via the relevant website.

All visualisations assume a building envelope as per Liminal Architects:


“For initial planning purposes a height of RL40 metres at the highest point of the roof pitch has been assumed.
A stadium size of 240m long x 210m wide has also been assumed. This does not include a concourse
around the stadium.”

There’s lots of contention – as there should be for significant public spaces – in a democracy.

An expenditure that should be voted upon by everyone.

What needs to be added to make this simulation more accurate? Constructive feedback is welcome.

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