Sense of Place:: Cape Denison, Antarctica (2011)

Sense of Place:: Cape Denison, Antarctica from Peter Morse on Vimeo.

Centrepiece: Cape Denison Triptych

The centrepiece of a triptych video installation I made with Chris Henderson in 2011.

WARNING: it is 33 minutes long and very slow – for a reason : it’s about looking and place and time – and meant to be projected on a huge wall.

It’s designed for a dual HD large-screen projector system; screen about 8m in width.

If you can watch this on a 50″+ TV via an Apple TV or similar set-top box – via Vimeo you will get the idea.

Large-screen projector is better. BIG is good.

It is very slow: it is about looking and a sense of place, over a period of 24hrs, in different time-streams.

Slow down from internet and TV or Hollywood movie time.

To some it will be boring, to others rewarding, there are a few surprises and all is explained in the end.

Inspired by Tarkovsky. One of my great heroes of Russian cinema. His sense of time.

At Mawson’s Huts, Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica.

This is for the others, who were there too.

Animal and human and landscape.

Observe. (as Chris would say…)

Two other screens feature stunning Kite Aerial Photography of the environment, shot using custom KAP rigs.

The work is available for lease, purchase and exhibition – please use my contact form for details.


Technical details:

Resolution: 1 x Centrepiece @- 3840 x 1080 px, 2 x Sidepanel projections @ 1920×1080

Audio: Stereo or 5.1. surround

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