Blizzard Redux

Blizzard Redux is a renewal of a work I made in 2007, exploring the stereoscopic photographic record of the 1911-14 Australasian Antarctic Expedition. It’s now on permanent exhibit at TMAG in beautiful full-colour polarised 3D stereo – look for the special theatrette in the Antarctic exhibition. I’ve re-invigorated the work employing machine learning techniques, using neural networks to uprez the video source to full HD, improve the stereo imaging and colourise the original black and white images taken by Frank Hurley and others. Shots are re-edited, timings changed, audio remixed. It’s recomposed: a new film that, perhaps because it is stereoscopic, perhaps because it is now in colour, achieves a new tenor of presence: as if a century ago is a yesterday, close at hand. Anaglyphic colour on a small screen doesn’t really do it justice, but you’ll get a feel for it in this 12 minute preview version.

Use Red/Cyan 3D specs to view in 3D. HD 1080P Video. Play fullscreen.

Context: AAE, Cape Denison, Mawson, Hurley

This is a 12 minute anaglyphic preview version. Also available in 18 and 30 minute side-by-side full colour 3840x1080P HD suitable for passive/active polarised stereoscopic projection systems. For exhibition purposes higher resolutions can be commissioned. I can provide consultation on cost-effective stereoscopic projection systems. Enquiries.

Somewhere in the works is a longer 4k stereoscopic documentary, using AAE images and extensive stereoscopic video shot at Cape Denison – as always with these projects, it’s a matter of finding some funding so I can actually spend time creating it.

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