VMI 2.0

Virtual Macquarie Island v2.0 .

Version 2.0 presents a massive leap-forward upon v1.0 on display at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) since 2021. The project received Visions of Australia funding to develop the project from a simple demonstrator to a sophisticated prototype suitable for permanent and travelling exhibition.

The project consists of the following:

VMI: Grand Tour – a 20-minute 4k flying Grand Tour of the island, based upon accurate satellite data, with detailed modelling of the main research station and key research field stations located across the island. This is suitable for linear viewing upon standard UHD screen displays and projection systems. It includes an extra 20 minute flying tour around the Northern part of the island, with a loop-timer counting down to the Grand Tour – thus the display loops over a 40-minute interval, on a standard 4k Brightsign media player. Given the exhibition and technical constraints at TMAG, we elected to pursue a non-interactive version for this release.

Synopsis: Virtual Macquarie Island is a 3D simulation of sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island that aims to be a physically accurate Digital Twin of the island, presented using modern game-engine technology. The project is based on curated scientific data and has received development funding under the Australian Commonwealth Visions of Australia program. It presents a narrated guided tour across nine key field sites scattered the length of the island. Viewers encounter spectacular endemic wildlife and unique flora living in a virtual ecosystem representing the island’s biogeographic significance. VMI 2.0 is suitable for large screen display. It has applications for outreach, training, mission planning and scientific visualization.

VMI: Touring and Educational Resources. TBA.

Further project outcomes will be documented upon this page according to our release schedule over 2023.

Version 2.0 Gallery

In progress.

Version 1.0 Gallery

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