VMI Blog VII: Animals and Environment

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2 Responses

  1. Kate KIEFER says:

    Probably need to review the facts about the population size of the Hurd Point colony. My understanding is that it contains about 1 million birds, not 180,000 pairs. However, your numbers might b3 an updated version, but worth checking.
    From AAD website:
    “Royal penguins are endemic to Macquarie Island where the vast majority lives, and the nearby Bishop and Clerk Islets where about 1,000 pairs breed. Royals at Macquarie Island live in very large colonies. The largest colony at Hurd Point on Macquarie Island has around 500,000 pairs. Precisely how many royal penguins there are is unknown, but the population is thought to be currently stable. However, due to key populations existing on only 3 islands in close proximity, they are considered have a more critical conservation status”

    • Peter Morse says:

      Hi Kate, thanks for the heads-up! Yes, at this stage we’re working on building features into our simulation to support things like population distributions, with a view to driving them from accurate data sources. Naturally, with millions of individuals we run up against GPU limits, so these issues will be resolved incrementally as we proceed. Suggestions for up-to-date data resources that experts use are very welcome.

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