Category: Space


Immersive Analytics, Colour and Geoscience Visualisation

Over the last few months, I’ve been wrapping up my part-time second PhD, looking forward to new challenges. The research has focussed on interactive data visualisation and immersive analytics, principally developing a suite of software tools for visualisation and analysis of geoscientific data. They’re pretty much ‘discipline agnostic’ and could...


Asteroid Bennu Visualisations

  The OSIRIS_REx spacecraft has arrived at Asteroid Bennu, on an exciting sample-return mission. Some of the earliest publicly-available photographs are of sufficient resolution to enable space-enthusiasts like me to have a crack at creating a photogrammetric model – so here it is. It’s probably not terribly accurate given the...


Real-Time Cosmological Simulation Visualization for VR

I’m very taken by the possibilities of Voluminous – a real-time volumetric visualization system developed by Drew Whitehouse of the ANU NCI Vizlab in 2011 – I’ve used it myself for a few demos for what-is-possible, as it is so exemplary. It’s a kind of web-front end for Drishti. It...