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Pharos 0


I have been fascinated by Lighthouses for many years and have decided to do something about it. This project will develop a fulldome HDR timelapse documentary about Tasmania’s lighthouses. There are many of them in some of the most remarkable, picturesque and remote parts of the island – as well...

Benthos: Visualising the Global Ocean

Benthos: Visualising the Global Ocean

“Benthos” is a project to explore and generate fulldome visualisations of volumetric and multidimensional earth & ocean science datasets.


Inside Mawson’s Huts

With my heart in my throat, I stepped inside Mawson’s Hut today – the odour of damp wood and time in one’s breath, a strange expansion of space as the interior seemed so large compared with the outside of the structure, subdued light, and the stillness of the place, a...