GIS provides wonderful resources for visualisation.

A brief showreel demonstrating research-in-progress upon my visualisation program concerning Mawson’s Huts in Antarctica. This demonstrates the possibility of using GIS data to create virtual landscape reconstructions, the location of CAD models and possible geolocation of photopoints using old glass-plate stereographs, which will later be matched with contemporary views of the environment.

This was included as part of the APAC (Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing) showreel 2007.

An earlier ABC TV Stateline Victoria report on this work was aired in 2004:

A 2004 ABC TV report upon my ‘Virtual Antarctica’ project, deploying the stereoscopic images by Frank Hurley from the 1911-14 AAE within a virtual environment model of Cape Denison.

Naturally, they got the name wrong – it wasn’t called the ‘Virtual Heritage Project’ – but it was about virtual heritage. I called it Antarctica Virtua (a kind of fake punning Latin that sounded good at the time).