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MHF 2009-10 Video Blogs

During the 2009-10 Expedition I shot a series of vlogs capturing some of the main events of the season – admixed with some light polar humour. The vlog was commissioned and sponsored by Telstra International and is available on their website as well as via the MHF vimeo channel. A...


Voyage of the Vasiliy Golovnin Ep.4

Episode 4. January 21 2006. 9th day en route to Casey Station, across the Southern Ocean. The sea calmed more and more, and sleet began to fall, until an eerie stillness settled upon the ocean – and finally upon the horizon – the First Iceberg. A truly thrilling moment. After...


Voyage of the Vasiliy Golovnin (2006) Ep.1

A videoblog of the Voyage of the Vasiliy Golovnin on a continental resupply of the three main Australian Bases, Casey, Davis & Mawson in 2006. I was fortunate to receive the Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship in that year, where I shot a stereoscopic 3D movie and a number of high-definition...