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DomeLab 2010

Early November I am fortunate to be a tutor at DomeLab 2010 presented by ANAT at iVEC@UWA (WASP). We have an exciting bunch of tutors (specialists in ultra-high-definition immersive cinema and fulldome) and a broadly talented and experienced group of participants. The blog and details can be found here :...

Beyond the Frame :: Fulldome @ Launceston Planetarium

ANAT Presents: Beyond The Frame: Introducing Australian Filmmakers And Media Artists To Fulldome. The emergence of ‘destination cinema’ and the proliferation of large-format screens in public spaces present a challenge – and opportunity – to filmmakers working in traditional screen formats. However, unless you have the chance to experience large-format for yourself, it’s almost...


Interview on 936 ABC Hobart

This came out of the blue – a radio interview with Michael Veitch on 936 ABC Hobart. A nice, intelligent man who asked interesting questions: hopefully a conversation that will develop. Anyway, here’s the audio: Peter Morse i-v